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Rebecca Senior publishes in Global Change Biology

PhD student Rebecca Senior has just published her research about thermal buffering in selectively logged forests in Global Change Biology.

Themal-image2Selectively logged tropical forests harbour much of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity; their ability to do so in the long term will depend in part on the extent to which temperature-sensitive species can respond to climate change in situ. Using thermal images and temperature dataloggers, Rebecca found that—despite major differences in forest structure—thermal buffering potential in intensively logged forest on Borneo was comparable to that of undisturbed primary forest. Selectively logged forests can therefore play a crucial role in the long-term maintenance of global biodiversity.

Rebecca gave a short interview on BBC Radio Sheffield about this work and what it means for biodiversity:


Click HERE for the full article (Open Access).

Click HERE to read the story on the University of Sheffield news page.