Anne Cotton, post-doctoral researcher


My research focuses on microbial communities and the factors that influence their diversity, structure and function. I did my PhD studying the effects of atmospheric change on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi at the University of York. After this I’ve been a postdoc at the universities of Anne Cotton photoHull, Essex and Sheffield studying a wide range of aspects of microbial ecology. This has included projects examining whether alterations in soil fungal communities could be responsible for biodiversity-productivity relationships in grasslands and looking at the interactions between plant root chemistry and root associated fungal and bacterial communities.

I’m currently working in the Edwards lab as part of the PARAMO project (Provisioning of ecosystem services And cultuRAl values in the MOntane tropics). Here I’m examining how habitat modifications in the Colombian Andes affect communities of soil microbes and worms and core below-ground ecosystem services such as nutrient cycling and resilience to disturbance.

About me

Outside of work I enjoy climbing, growing unusual fruit and vegetables, sewing and knitting and telling anyone who’s willing to listen about plants and microbes!