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Felix Lim publishes in Conservation Letters

PhD student Felix Lim has published his work on perverse market consequences of conservation actions in Conservation Letters.

The unintended consequences brought about by market feedback effects are often overlooked, yet perverse market outcomes could result in reduced or even reversed net impacts of conservation efforts. Felix and coauthors develop an economic framework to describe how the intended impacts of conservation interventions could be compromised due to unanticipated reactions to regulations in the market: policies aimed at restricting supply could potentially result in leakage effects through external or unregulated markets. Felix reviews how various intervention methods could result in negative feedback impacts on biodiversity, including legal restrictions like protected areas, market-based approaches, and agricultural intensification, and offers suggestions of how to design conservation actions to ensure the risks of perverse market outcomes are detected, if not overcome.

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Rubber threatens tropical forests


rubber-plantationNew research suggests that soaring demand for natural rubber threatens large expanses of tropical forests in Southeast Asia.  Natural rubber — used primarily in car tyres — is replacing forest with big costs for biodiversity.  We urgently need an industry sustainability initiative to prevent the loss of forests and uptake from the largest tyre manufacturers.

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