Chris Bousfield, PhD


I am mainly interested in the ecological and environmental impacts of tropical forest degradation, particularly selective logging and how we can minimise this impact through effective conservation planning.

Selective logging is widespread throughout the tropics, occurring in over 400 million hectares of tropical forest — an area the size of the European Union. More sustainable practices to manage timber extraction are possible if we understand the biodiversity impacts of logging. Previous research has been heavily focused on the population-level, but less is known about the biodiversity impacts of selective logging at the individual level.

My PhD research focuses on the impacts of selective logging on avian diets and explores how logging induced dietary shifts might alter the structure of interaction networks in the forest, linking changes in food resources to changes in species abundance. My research will utilise the latest DNA sequencing techniques, using DNA metabarcoding to collect large datasets of bird diets, which I will use to assess the sub-lethal effects of selective logging on birds and the interaction networks of the wider forest community.

About me

I really enjoy being outdoors, hiking in the peak district is great and easy to access from Sheffield. I enjoy good food and good beer, both also very easy to access in Sheffield. I’m also keen on sports and spend a lot of my free time playing or watching football.