Fabio Antonio Ribeiro Matos, PhD


My research is focused on understanding the positive and negative effects caused by human-modified change of tropical forest landscapes on biodiversity.fabio_photo1

The transformation of continuous forests by habitat reduction and fragmentation is widespread in tropical landscapes. Over the past decades, much progress has been made scientifically to understand the effects of this uncontrolled human expansion on the diversity of communities and populations. However, much of this knowledge generated for communities was developed using synthetic approaches to diversity (e.g. abundance, species richness and indices such as the Shannon-Weaver). Recently, with the technological progress and proposals for a new range of measures that incorporate the evolutionary relationsfabio_photo3hip between species (phylogenetic diversity) and ecological variation measured by the phenotypes of organisms (functional diversity), we have a thorough overview of these real impacts of human-modified change on forest remnants of Tropical Forest.

I am currently investigation the effects caused by habitat loss, landscape cfabio_photo2omposition and configuration on the carbon stock, taxonomic diversity, phylogenetic and functional diversity in Brazilian Atlantic Forest domain.

CV – http://goo.gl/2WnftQ

About me

In my free time I like to try different brands of beer, cook and spend time with friends. I also like to take walks in the evening and play football. I also enjoy listening to music from around the world.