Principal Investigator


Dr David Edwards

Impacts of land-use change on tropical biodiversity



Post-doctoral Researchers

Anne CottonAnne Cotton photo

Nelson GrimaNelson1

rubber_boaJacob Socolar



PhD Students


Rebecca Senior
Impacts of selective logging on climate microrefugia





Illeana Acosta
Managing Amazonian logging to minimize carbon and biodiversity loss



joli_birdJoli Borah
Improving carbon-biodiversity co-benefit of shifting agriculture under REDD+


 broadbillMatthew Hethcoat
Using remote sensing to detect selectively logged tropical forests



Manoela S M Mollinari
Quantifying fire risk in selectively logged tropical forests



Mike Massam
Forest recovery after selective logging




Felix KS Lim
Managing unintended consequences of conservation actions


Mohammad Nazrin bin Abdul Malik

Impacts of seedling densities on Janzen-Connell effects


Cindy Cosset
Impacts of selective-logging on bird populations




Emma Hughes
Global change and the future of avian diversity




Simone Messina
Effects of selective-logging on the stress physiology of birds




Luke Nelson

Luke Nelson
Cost effective conservation of Afro-Palearctic migrant birds in West Africa





Patrick Cannon
Modelling of forest recovery after selective logging


MariaWang_forest_parchaMaria Wang Mei Hua
Minimising ecological and social externalities of tropical agriculture and expansion



EKhazan_pic3Emily Khazan
Impacts of land-use change on butterflies




Abdulkareem I. Ahmed
Quantifying, monitoring and minimising the negative environmental impacts of mining in tropical Africa

Catherine FinlaysonCFinlayson_crop

Master students

LCookson01Letitia Cookson
Butterfly morphology and microclimate recovery after selective logging

 OmortonPicOscar Morton




IMG_4412Christopher Bousfield

RDavies01_cropRob Davies


Former Lab Members – gone, but not forgotten!