Rebecca Senior, PhD

I completed my PhD in October 2018. Please see my personal website for news of what I’m up to next!

MyRIMG0850 PhD explored the interactions between land-use change and climate change at different spatial scales in the tropics.

Tropical rainforests are vital for the conservation of global biodiversity. They are home to the vast majority of the Earth’s terrestrial species, and are increasingly threatened both by land-use change and by extreme warming relative to historical climatic stability in this region.

To avoid extinction under climate change organisms must either adapt in situ or move. Through my PhD, I aimed to better understand how land-use change impacts IMG_4066 - Copythe efficacy and feasibility of these two strategies for coping with climate change. This included fieldwork to understand how selective logging in Borneo has impacted the availability of microclimates, and modelling to identify how and where tropical land-use change has impacted the ability of forest species to track their preferred climate.

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PhD publications

Senior RAHill JKGonzález del Pliego PGoode LKEdwards DPA pantropical analysis of the impacts of forest degradation and conversion on local temperatureEcol Evol2017;7:78977908

Senior RAHill JKBenedick SEdwards DPTropical forests are thermally buffered despite intensive selective loggingGlob Change Biol2017;00:112

About me

Outside of the department I spend most of my time outside! I love running, hiking and dogs. When I’m inside, I like baking and reading.