Rebecca Senior, PhD

MyRIMG0850 PhD explores the interactions between climate change and selective logging at fine spatial scales (from cm to m).

There is a lot of evidence that species are moving to track climate change, but often they do not keep pace. A possible explanation for this is that they don’t need to, because there will is fine-scale heterogeneity in space (microhabitats) and in climate (microclimates). Individuals are able to exploit this heterogeneity and so track their optimal climate at a local scale. Additionally, these microrefugia may be important in facilitating persistence under climate change where other responses, such as dispersal, are not possible.

HIMG_4066 - Copyabitat degradation by selective logging can drastically alter vegetation structure, but it is not yet known whether it alters the availability of microhabitats and microclimates. My PhD seeks to answer this question.

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About me

Outside of the department I spend most of my time outside! I love running, hiking and dogs. I combine these interests by occasionally stealing my Mum’s dogs, which is easy to do since my hometown is just t’other side o’ Pennines. When I’m inside, I like baking and reading.