Robert Davies, PhD


My main research interests lie in land-use change and forest landscape restoration (FLR).

As human impacts on natural ecosystems become increasingly prevalent, FLR will play an important role in safeguarding biodiversity, and maintaining ecosystem function and service provision. Ensuring FLR schemes effectively use scarce conservation resources, whilst also protecting the livelihoods and rights of local people, is vital to future conservation action.

My masters research centered on the recovery of dung beetle functional diversity in Neotropical secondary forests. Showing that secondary forests in the Colombian Andes can rapidly recover a functionally diverse assemblage of dung beetles that closely resembles that found in primary forest. My PhD will first focus on the economics of farming systems in West Africa. I will assess the costs associated with different agricultural management techniques, and whether carbon credits can be used to pay for the protection of wintering habitats used by Afro-Palearctic migratory bird species.

About me

Outside of research I enjoy being outdoors, either running up hills or climbing. I have a penchant for pubs, ales, and live music – all of which are fortunately abundant in Sheffield. The rest of my free time is mostly spent watching and playing football, or sedentary in front of the TV or with a book.