Principle Investigator

Dr. David Edwards

Prof David Edwards
Impacts of land-use change on tropical biodiversity

Post-doctoral Researchers

Jacob Socolar
Biodiversity impacts of tropical land-use change across spatial scales

Edicson Parra Sánchez
Effects of land-use change on orchids and epiphytes

Simon Mills
Ecological consequences of environmental change

Felicity Edwards
Species interactions, ecosystem functioning, and anthropogenic disturbances across the tropics

Matthew Hethcoat
Using remote sensing to detect selectively logged tropical forests

Research Data Manager

Mike Massam
Research Data Manager for the Edwards Lab

PhD Students

Cindy Cosset
Impacts of selective-logging on bird populations

Emma Hughes
Global change and the future of avian diversity

Simone Messina
Effects of selective-logging on the stress physiology of birds

Patrick CannonModelling of forest recovery after selective

Maria Wang Mei Hua
Minimising ecological and social externalities of tropical agriculture and expansion

Abdulkareem I. Ahmed
Quantifying, monitoring and minimising the negative environmental impacts of mining in tropical Africa

Catherine Finlayson
Managing climber cutting to protect biodiversity

Jørgen Sand Sæbø
Carbon and biodiversity co-benefits in Colombia: Implications for conservation planning and implementation of REDD+

Gianluca Cerullo
The benefits and challenges of deploying different restorative interventions in the highlands of Southern Ethiopia

Oscar Morton
My PhD research focuses on the scope and value of the legal and illegal trade in wild collected orchids from Colombia.

Jocelyne Sze
My PhD research focuses on the scope and value of the legal and illegal trade in wild collected orchids from Colombia.

Muhammad Hafidz Abdullah
Assess the sustainability of timber production in Peninsular Malaysia, to evaluate the role of forest restoration in meeting conservation goals

Dharma Sapkota
Impact of fire on plant diversity and aboveground carbon.

Rob Davies
Land-use change and forest landscape restoration (FLR).

Chris Bousfield
The impacts of selective logging on avian diets and how logging induced dietary shifts might alter the structure of interaction networks in the forest, linking changes in food resources to changes in species abundance

Master Students

Peter Tarrant
Identify potential differences in winning strategies for dung beetles in areas that utilise land-sparing conservation techniques versus areas that use land-sharing techniques.

Bryn Coffey
Impacts of anthropogenic disturbance on the terrestrial ecosystem functioning and the implementation of practical conservation applications to aid recovery or prevent further damage

Benjamin JD Birch
How anthropogenic disturbances alter community structure through changes in species diversity and composition, and the broader impacts this can have on an ecosystem level.

Robert Tarrant
Impacts of forest loss and fragmentation on tropical species, and how species characteristics may impact their sensitivity to forest degradation.

Former Lab Members – gone, but not forgotten!